Youth Corner

The world of medical and health research is about curiosity, discovery and above all: making a difference. The Health Research Foundation – Hawke’s Bay believes in empowering the next generation in their quest of shaping the future – as well as their place within it.

Are you ready to discover the scientist within yourself? Let’s find out!

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FresH (or: Future Researcher of Health) is a study research project developed by the Health Research Foundation – Hawke’s Bay. Students of intermediate and high school can download the FresH Research Template which helps them to conduct their own health research as part of a school project.

How does it work?

  • Download your free FresH Research Template, take it to your teacher and discuss the credits he/she will attribute to your project. Once your project has been completed, upload your report and wait to receive your digital FresH Certificate (oh, and you get a feature in our newsletter too!)
  • Upload your FresH research report and receive your very own FresH certificate

Quiz Time

Every week, we post a new quiz to tickle your scientific senses. Let's see if you can get this week's quiz right!

This week's HRF Quiz

Your left lung is slightly smaller than the right lung.


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