At the Health Research Foundation – Hawke’s Bay, we fund life-changing health research that directly benefits the Hawke's Bay community.

The foundation is made up of a carefully curated network of health professionals, business people, local government and researchers who all share a vision: better health outcomes for all.

Nearly 3 million invested in better health so far

The Hawke’s Bay lifestyle is considered as one of the best in New Zealand. For all to enjoy life – and be the best they can be – good health is imperative. For those less fortunate when it comes to health, the Health Research Foundation focusses on research that:

  • improves diagnosis and / or treatment of illness, both physical as well as mental
  • grows our understanding of root causes of mental or physical health issues
  • improves the quality of life for those who suffer from illness, mentally or physically, including those with chronic illness
  • better positions our Hawke's Bay community in avoiding illness or a lack of wellbeing of any kind

Those who are fortunate to be able to contribute, are invited to explore how they can become true supporters of health:

Our amazing researchers

Research is the road to improving our health knowledge and related health care – it is an investment for the health of current and future generations. However, conducting research means hard work and dedication for extended periods. To empower emerging and established researchers to achieve industry-leading outcomes, the Health Research Foundation – Hawke’s Bay funds health research initiatives. Health professionals, clinicians, sports medicine experts, pharmacists, GP’s and specialist nurses are some of the backgrounds our researchers have. The foundation harnesses this diversity as a means of reaching multitudes of the community, always focussing on maximum impact on health.

Research Star Case: A serious condition, a simple solution

Oliver Grupp

Between 2015-2017, Dr Oliver Grupp (FRACP-MD) undertook a research project close to his heart: neonatal hypoglycaemia prevention for new-borns. Neonatal hypoglycaemia is a low-blood sugar condition that affects a staggering 15% of all new-borns, making it the most common metabolic condition for them. It frequently leads to hospitalisation and can cause long-term brain damage. This study investigated whether neonatal hypoglycaemia can be prevented with the simple use of an oral dextrose gel.