We fund life-changing health research that directly benefits the Hawke's Bay community.

The foundation is made up of a carefully curated network of health professionals, business people, local government and researchers who all share a vision: better health outcomes for all.

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Grant recipient: Professor Jackie Benschop

Grant recipient: Professor Anita Jagroop-Dearing

Grant recipient: Dr Oliver Grupp

We focus on Research that:

Improves diagnosis and/or treatment of illness, both physical and mental.

Grows our understanding of root causes of mental or physical health issues.

Improves the quality of life for those who suffer from illness, mentally or physically, including those with chronic illness.

Better positions our Hawke's Bay community in avoiding illness or a lack of wellbeing of any kind.

Our inspiring researchers

Research is the road to improving our health knowledge and related health care – it is an investment for the health of current and future generations. However, conducting research means hard work and dedication for extended periods. To empower emerging and established researchers to achieve industry-leading outcomes, the Health Research Foundation – Hawke’s Bay funds health research initiatives. Health professionals, clinicians, sports medicine experts, pharmacists, GP’s and specialist nurses are some of the backgrounds our researchers have. The foundation harnesses this diversity as a means of reaching multitudes of the community, always focussing on maximum impact on health.