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The HEALTH RESEARCH FOUNDATION – HAWKE’S BAY aims to activate the research power that lives in our community, with the purpose of addressing pressing health issues, gain a better understanding of medical, physical or mental health in order to benefit health and health outcomes for our region, for New Zealand – and sometimes for the world.

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Hawke’s Bay has a thriving medical and health industry, covered by a world-class mix of both public and private hospitals and health institutions. With over 40 health institutions, 6,350 GP’s and thousands of health professionals and clinicians, the region is ideally positioned to make a difference for the future of health research in Hawke’s Bay.

The Health Hub is made up by institutions and health professionals who see the intricate value that our foundation adds to their profession and the community simultaneously. They partner with the foundation with the purpose of involvement, collaboration, ongoing support – and help to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved in all fields of research undertaken.

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