Terms & Conditions Research Agreements

1. The Grant (GST inclusive) will be available on receipt of this research agreement signed by the Recipient
together with confirmation that the Research Project has received any necessary ethical approval.
Where milestones are inserted the Grant will be paid in accordance with any milestones.
2. In consideration of the Foundation giving the Recipient the Grant, the Recipient agrees to the following
2.1 That the Grant will not be used for anything other than the Research Purpose and the Research
2.2 To tell the Foundation if any problem arises which may change the circumstances surrounding the
Research Project or which may make anything material contained in the application for funding
untrue or misleading;
2.3 If the Recipient wishes to vary the Research Purpose or the Research Period, the Recipient must
contact the Foundation and request this in writing.
2.4 To repay any money in part, which:
(a) Has not been spent within the Research period unless the Recipient has applied in writing
and the Foundation has granted an extension to this period;
(b) Has been spent on items or research other than those approved by the Foundation;
2.5 The Recipient will repay the Grant in full if the Recipient does not comply with the terms of this
research agreement;
2.6 To inform the Foundation if any of the above contact details change before the Grant has been
fully used;
2.7 The Foundation may publicise the Grant, the type of research to be undertaken and the name of
the Recipient in any promotional material (including any press release);

3. Audit:
3.1 The Recipient acknowledges that the Foundation has a responsibility to ensure that the Grant is
spent efficiently and effectively on the Research Purpose and that all conditions associated with
the Grant have been met.
3.2 The Recipient agrees that the Recipient will allow personnel from the Foundation (or its
appointed representatives) access to the Recipient’s records and accounts relating to the Grant if
the Recipient is asked to do so.

4. Acknowledgment:
4.1 The Recipient agrees to acknowledge the Grant and the Foundation in any press statement,
journal, report or other publication published in respect of the Research Project.

5. Reporting:
5.1 The Recipient agrees to provide the Foundation with:
(a) A report as to progress on the Research Project every six months; and
(b) Provide one bound copy of the full report once the Research Project is complete. The
bound copy will be presented to the HB DHB Library.

6. General
6.1 This agreement is personal to the Recipient and the Recipient may not assign any of the
Recipient’s rights or obligations under this agreement;
6.2 Any failure of the Foundation to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not constitute a
waiver of any rights of future enforcement;
6.3 This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties relating to the Grant.