New research for 2014


Bernice Gabriel:  Research.. ‘An analysis of the mechanisms of change in families participating in the Fostering Security Training Programme for caregivers. Amount $10,000.

Dr Emma Merry:  Research.. ‘What are the barriers and enabling factors affecting motivation to teach in the clinical environment of Intensive Care in N.Z. $3,000.

Studentship Funding 2014.

Andi Crawford: Research.. Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology. ‘Executive functioning, social cognition and adaptive behaviour in children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  $5,000.




The Hawke’s Bay Medical Research Foundation made grants of up to $30,000 for the 2013 year.

Those approved in February 2013 are as follows:

1.  Helen Francis: How do patients with multiple long-term conditions, enrolled in mainstream primary care, self manage their health’.  Approved:  $4,000.  Grant-in-aid.

2.  Dr Giles Newton-Howes: ‘Clinical and social determinants of outcome for the treatment of severe Substance Use Disorders, who do we help, how can we do better’.  Approved: $6,396. part-funded.

3. Cameron Grant: ‘Perinatal vitamin D, childhood respiratory infections and food allergy:  a validation study.  Approved:  $9,560.  Funded from The Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board Jubilee Children’s Foundation Trust).

4. Rachael Claire Walker: ‘The Home First Study’.  Approved: $4,000 grant-in-aid.

5. Dr Claire Harvey:  ‘A Nurse Led Skin Cancer Screening Programme- Contributing to Primary Health Care Reform.  Approved: $6,800 grant-in-aid.


Professor Bob Marshall: EIT $18,353..”Bikes in Schools. – Year 2″.  The aims of the research are to monitor fitness levels amongst children participating in the BiS programme.

Lucie Zwimpfer: $8,400. “Talking to babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”  To investigate the effectiveness of verbal soothing on measures of infanty stress during heel prick procedures.”

2012/13  (Studentships)

Inez Awatere-Walker:  Maori Mental Health Recovery:  Success stories of non-Maori clinicians and ex-patients who identify as Maori:  $5,000.

Andi Crawford:  Doctorate of Philosophy:  To examine the neuropsychological profiles of our children who have prenatal alcohol exposure and review whether our national screening programmes identifies behaviours that would suggest a possible Fetal Alcohol Spectrum.  $5,000.

2011-2012 (Studentships)

Dawn Elder/Tamsin Roberts:  $4,279.  Dept of Paediatrics, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Uni. of Otago/Well. “What is the best method to monitor for the severity of on-going respiratory events in very pre-term infants prior to discharge from the neonatal nursery.”

Ruth Crawford:  $5,000. “Emotional communication between ‘nurses and parents’ of a child in Hospital.” An Ethnographic Study.


Dr Craig Ellis $11,500. “Second Emergency Department Anaphyaxis Study-infusion trial” (EDA)-118)

Caroline Gunn $23,090. “Bone health and increased intake of Fruit and Vegetables at Midlife”.

Bernice Gabriel $18,363.  “The effectiveness of the Fostering Security training programme for parents and caregivers of children with histories of early trauma, abuse and neglect and children with attachment problems.”


Grants from over 2000 to 2010

Author: Laura