Leading The Way With Research Funding In The Bay

The Hawkes Bay Medical Research Foundation has made grants to the total value of $30,000  for medical research in this year’s funding round.

Each recipient applied to the Foundation and a scientific committee then decided, through a rigorous process, the merits of each application.

Each application was judged on health significance, scientific merit, design and methods, expertise, the track record of the research team and strong local content. Mr Andrew Wares, President of the Foundation said medical research in Hawkes Bay has been given a boost thanks to grants from the Hawkes Bay Medical Research Foundation.

It is expected all the research funded this year will, in time, have direct significance to the health and well being of the Hawke’s Bay community.

The grants are as follows:

  • A second pilot study on emergency anaphylaxis by an emergency physician at Hawkes Bay Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital is to be based in the emergency department at the Hospital and is well supported by consultant staff at the hospital.
  • The Hastings Health Centre has received a further grant to continue with the second year of its Family Violence Intervention Programme.  The results are to be used as a basis for further sustainable funding from the Ministry of Health.  The programme has generated considerable interest throughout New Zealand.
  • Research into detention in the community under the Mental Health Act – this involves a cross sectional survey of patients’ views and objective outcomes.
  • Research into the metabolic and general health benefits of treatment (with certain drugs) of diabetic patients of Maori heritage.
  • A grant has been provided to enable a database of head and neck surgical services at Hawkes Bay Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.
Author: Laura