Claiming back your tax rebate

Did you know that 33.33% of your donation can be claimed back through the IRD?

How to claim back your tax rebate?

  • Log in to your My IR
  • If you haven’t already, first register for a ‘donation tax credit’ (you will only need to do this once):
  • Dropdown tab ‘I want to…'
  • Scroll down to ‘Register for donation tax credit’
  • Fill out relevant details
  • Once you have done this and it has been approved, you should see the Donation tax credit account on your home screen within My IR.
  • Select 'Enter donation tax credit receipts' in your donation tax credit account.
  • Select ‘Add a receipt’
  • Fill in the details and attach the digital receipt (we always email this when you make your donation!)
  • Submit

Payroll Giving

Did you know?

You could choose to donate directly through your employer: this is called Workplace Giving or Payroll Giving. Donations made through this channel automatically have their tax rebate deducted; saving you valuable time!

Inform your employer about Workplace Giving by completing this form: